• Animals in Zoos

    “Animals in zoos are slaves, they are exploited for their masters. They are not ambassadors. They’re kind of sad.”

    Steve Wise

  • How I Gave Up Cheese

    For anyone who wants to give up dairy but hasn’t yet been able to do it, here’s some practical advice from Lee Hall. This one starts with what must be one of my favorite quotes from her, “We can’t really leave our morals to the legislature, or to corporations.”

  • Animals, Slavery and the Law (Compilation)

    Steve Wise, Gary Francione and Peter Singer explain the connections between animals, slavery and the law.

  • Resolving Conflicts: Property Owners Versus Property

    “There were lots of laws that protected slaves. They didn’t provide any…meaningful protection for slaves because in every situation in which there was a conflict, you’ve got to figure out whose interests matter more: the interest of the property owner or the interest of the property?”

    Gary Francione

  • Where Would You Draw the Line? (Compilation)

    Jarrod Bailey, Richard Epstein, David Priestman, Laurie Pycroft, Roger Fouts, Steve Wise, Katherine Meyer, Theo Capaldo, Gary Francione, Lee Hall, Peter Singer, Sarah Baeckler, and Pedro Pozas Terrados respond to where they would draw the line and what criteria they would use when granting rights to animals.

  • Basic Rights for Nonhuman Animals

    ”Sometimes people think that when I talk about getting basic legal rights for nonhuman animals, I’m talking about giving nonhuman animals human rights. But I’m really not, I’m just talking about giving basic rights to them the way we’ve given basic rights to humans.”

    Steve Wise

  • Animal Welfare Act: Difficult to Enforce

    “The USDA’s own Inspector General issued a very scathing report about the lack of enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act by the Department of Agriculture. And I think that this agency tends to see itself, its role really as assisting, helping out the entities that it regulates as opposed to really doing anything to protect animals.”

    Katherine Meyer

  • “No Animals Were Harmed”

    “The chimpanzees…were struck or kicked or had something thrown at them…but they also sometimes just got hit out of the blue by the Head Trainer and my sense was that he did that to keep them focused and keep them paying attention to him.”

    Sarah Baeckler

  • What Does “Necessary” Suffering Mean?

    “It’s very difficult to find anyone who would disagree with the proposition that it’s wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering on animals. Now, what do we mean when we say ‘necessary’?”

    Gary Francione

  • Why Care About Animal Rights?

    “There should really be no borders when we think in terms of ethics.”

    Lee Hall

  • What’s Behind Opposition to Animal Rights?

    “It’s one thing to say I like animals, or animals should have rights or shouldn’t have rights. But the fact is if they do have rights, that means you are going to have to act differently toward them…the way people had to act differently towards humans who were slaves once they became free.”

    Steve Wise

  • Ideas That Undermine Animal Activism

    “What you don’t see them asking for is a fundamental change in people’s thinking…That other conscious beings are not a means to our end. You don’t see that question asked.”

    Lee Hall


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