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    I had an amazing time with this wonderful, diverse group of trailblazers, so I’m delighted to share some of the outtakes from the interviews.

  • Washoe’s Sweet Tooth

    Washoe’s Sweet Tooth

    Roger Fouts tells the tale of being conned by Washoe, a chimpanzee in his care.

  • Stories of Chimpanzees Using American Sign Language

    Stories of Chimpanzees Using American Sign Language

    Roger Fouts, Ph.D is the Co-Founder of the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute where he served as Co-Director (with his wife Deborah) and was Professor of Psychology at Central Washington University before retiring in 2011. Roger is best known for teaching sign language to Washoe, who is the first chimpanzee to ever learn sign language. He is the author of Next of Kin: My Conversations with Chimpanzees.

  • Where Would You Draw the Line? (Compilation)

    Where Would You Draw the Line? (Compilation)

    Jarrod Bailey, Richard Epstein, David Priestman, Laurie Pycroft, Roger Fouts, Steve Wise, Katherine Meyer, Theo Capaldo, Gary Francione, Lee Hall, Peter Singer, Sarah Baeckler, and Pedro Pozas Terrados respond to where they would draw the line and what criteria they would use when granting rights to animals.

  • Drawing the Line (Roger Fouts)

    Drawing the Line (Roger Fouts)

    “Maybe we can slip down that slippery slope so that the whole planet is respected and cared for rather than exploited.“

  • Animal Welfare Regulations

    Animal Welfare Regulations

    “People say, well we’ve got animal welfare regs, they’re fine. No, they’re not fine. Not when you can do that to a chimpanzee. Legally do that to a chimpanzee.” – Roger Fouts