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  • Why I Started Working on Behalf of Animals (Gloria Grow)

    Why I Started Working on Behalf of Animals (Gloria Grow)

    Gloria Grow is the founder of Fauna Foundation, a non-profit chimpanzee sanctuary in Québec, Canada.

  • Stories of Chimpanzees Using American Sign Language

    Stories of Chimpanzees Using American Sign Language

    Roger Fouts, Ph.D is the Co-Founder of the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute where he served as Co-Director (with his wife Deborah) and was Professor of Psychology at Central Washington University before retiring in 2011. Roger is best known for teaching sign language to Washoe, who is the first chimpanzee to ever learn sign language. He is the author of Next of Kin: My Conversations with Chimpanzees.

  • Animals, Slavery and the Law (Compilation)

    Animals, Slavery and the Law (Compilation)

    Steve Wise, Gary Francione and Peter Singer explain the connections between animals, slavery and the law.

  • The Story of James Somerset

    The Story of James Somerset

    “Lord Mansfield…set up a series of trial dates for them to decide whether Charles Steuart had the right to sell [James Somerset], or whether James Somerset had the right not to be sold. In one of the most famous trials…Lord Mansfield…issued his opinion that slavery was so odious that the common law would not support it.” Steve Wise

  • Abolition Versus Regulation

    Abolition Versus Regulation

    “Just as in the 19th century, there was a real schism between abolitionists of slavery and people who wanted to make slavery more humane…The abolitionists said, Look, I’m not interested in making an unjust institution more humane. I’m interested in abolishing the institution.” Gary Francione

  • Consequence of Being Property

    Consequence of Being Property

    “If you have a chimpanzee, you bought it, you legally own it, you don’t want it anymore, there’s really nothing to stop you killing it. So, in that sense they really are like slaves.” Peter Singer

  • Zeitgeist


    “When society was in a position to accept the idea that slavery was morally wrong and ought to be legally wrong, then the law began to shift.” Steve Wise

  • Resolving Conflicts: Property Owners Versus Property

    Resolving Conflicts: Property Owners Versus Property

    “There were lots of laws that protected slaves. They didn’t provide any…meaningful protection for slaves because in every situation in which there was a conflict, you’ve got to figure out whose interests matter more: the interest of the property owner or the interest of the property?” Gary Francione

  • Obstacles to Fundamental Change

    Obstacles to Fundamental Change

    “Each person within their own psyche has to begin grappling with whether or not nonhuman animals should no longer be treated as slaves, or should they be treated as slaves?” Steve Wise

  • An Uncomfortable Idea

    An Uncomfortable Idea

    “We used to enslave human beings, now we enslave nonhuman beings in very similar ways. It’s only a comfortable thing if you don’t think about it.” Steve Wise