Gloria Grow

Gloria Grow is the founder of Fauna Foundation, a non-profit chimpanzee sanctuary in Québec, Canada. Chimpanzees come to Fauna after being used for medical research, in the entertainment industry, farming, education or a combination of these. You can follow her work @FaunaFoundation or on Fauna’s facebook page.

We met Gloria at Fauna on a cold, grey day. We set up and interviewed NEAVS President Theo Capaldo first, and then had the opportunity to speak with Gloria. Her connection with and commitment to the chimpanzees in her care was very evident. I learned quite a bit about chimpanzees, both life in the laboratory as she observed first hand, and through her stories about some of them in various social situations at Fauna. After the interview, she allowed us to visit the chimp house and parts of the outdoor enclosures to film the chimpanzees.

YOU CAN FIND ALL OF GLORIA GROW’S INTERVIEWS HERE. This collection may increase as I upload more content to this site.

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