How I Gave Up Cheese

For anyone who wants to give up dairy but hasn’t yet been able to do it, here’s some practical advice from Lee Hall. This one starts with what must be one of my favorite quotes from her, “We can’t really leave our morals to the legislature, or to corporations.”

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  1. Mark says:

    Let me also suggest people look into my book, “Heart Healthy Pizza,” over 100 plant-based recipes with over 60 easy-to-make cheese-like sauces that harden on pizzas and can used on pasta, veggies, etc. No added oil, and made with grains like millet, quinoa, rice, barley, various vegetables, legumes.

    Anyway, nice video!

  2. Megan graney says:

    Insightful and brilliant. This is a great tool. Thanks, Lee Hall.

  3. julie blackwood says:

    yes well said. It took me awhile (on and off) to finally stop cow cheese, after having stopped eating meat in 1980, but thank heavens I did and now I don’t even have the desire for ‘substitutes’ Once the penny drops for an interested person, and we see and more importantly perhaps’ feel’ compassionately what the suffering of the other animal is, just for a fatty taste of ‘die ery products’ as I think of them, then it’s not a matter of ‘giving up’ but a willful ‘I will not contribute to this suffering anymore, enough already’

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