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I had an amazing time with this wonderful, diverse group of trailblazers, so this month I’m delighted to share some of the outtakes from the interviews.

After that, check out funny and inspiring personal stories from Gloria Grow, Sarah Baeckler, Lee Hall, Peter Singer, Steve Wise, Roger Fouts and Gary Francione. Find out what originally inspired some of today’s most prominent animal advocates to start working on behalf of animals. Apparently, they used to be regular people like you and me before someone presented them with a new idea that got them thinking, and now look at them. Brilliant! Also, get a helpful suggestion if you’re trying to give up dairy, and hear an amusing, thoughtful conversation that took place while waiting for a train. Finally, lessons learned from time spent with chimpanzees: being conned by Washoe over a soda, observations of chimpanzees use of American Sign Language, and a tale of a chimpanzee named Tommy whose surprising act with a paintbrush changed his life.

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