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  • One Thing to Improve the Lives of Animals (Pat Dingle)

    One Thing to Improve the Lives of Animals (Pat Dingle)

    “I can’t tell you how many calls the zoo has gotten, ‘Take my monkey, I’m tired of it now’ type thing.  That’s true with a lot of exotic animals. I’d certainly like to see the sale of any primate banned.”

  • One Thing to Improve the Lives of Animals (Steve Wise)

    One Thing to Improve the Lives of Animals (Steve Wise)

    “If you want to help animals in a general way, you have to stop eating them. That’s the number one thing you can do, and it will also help global warming, by the way.”

  • Where Would You Draw the Line? (Compilation)

    Where Would You Draw the Line? (Compilation)

    Jarrod Bailey, Richard Epstein, David Priestman, Laurie Pycroft, Roger Fouts, Steve Wise, Katherine Meyer, Theo Capaldo, Gary Francione, Lee Hall, Peter Singer, Sarah Baeckler, and Pedro Pozas Terrados respond to where they would draw the line and what criteria they would use when granting rights to animals.

  • Drawing the Line (Peter Singer)

    Drawing the Line (Peter Singer)

    “For me, any being who can feel anything, can have any experiences, or as we might say any sentient being, has interests.”

  • Drawing the Line (Steve Wise)

    Drawing the Line (Steve Wise)

    “When people  ask where I draw the line, I say I’m not even really sure where I draw the line…What I think in terms of is, where would judges today draw the line using the principles and values that they use day in and day out?“

  • Drawing the Line (Gary Francione)

    Drawing the Line (Gary Francione)

    “For me the personhood of nonhumans means that we recognize one right. Only one right. The right not to be property. I don’t see this as a legal right…It’s basically a pre-legal moral right.“

  • Drawing the Line (Richard Epstein)

    Drawing the Line (Richard Epstein)

    “Well it depends on how seriously you take this…Are you allowed to act in self-defense against these people? Or only not to use deadly force? I don’t know what the rules are going to be.“

  • Drawing the Line (Theo Capaldo)

    Drawing the Line (Theo Capaldo)

    “If I’m a compassionate human being, I have a certain integrity in that approach to life. “

  • Drawing the Line (Lee Hall)

    Drawing the Line (Lee Hall)

    “Any animal who is conscious of experiencing life. So I look at consciousness as the criterion for where I draw the line.“

  • Drawing the Line (Jarrod Bailey)

    Drawing the Line (Jarrod Bailey)

    “We’ve always believed that we are special and we can use to our advantage in any way we like, any other nonhuman species. The problem comes with where do you then draw the line?“