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  • Aristotle’s Axiom

    Aristotle’s Axiom

    “When I was trying to understand how it was that people throughout time have struggled with how do you place people in hierarchies…One thing I noticed was that every single person who devised a theory of hierarchy, always placed the group in which he was a member…at the top. “

    – Steve Wise

  • Change Our Own Status

    Change Our Own Status

    “I see humans in terms of a class that owns others.”

    – Lee Hall

  • Moral Persons

    Moral Persons

    “We can divide the universe up into Persons and Things. Those entities that have moral interests that we protect because of the perceived moral value of those beings, and everything else.”

    – Gary Francione

  • Basic Criteria for Rights

    Basic Criteria for Rights

    “The arguments I make, at least as a sufficient condition for rights is the idea of practical autonomy: that you can desire, that you can act intentionally, that you have some kind of an understanding that your desires are being fulfilled. In order to have that level of cognitive complexity, you have to at least be conscious.”

    – Steve Wise

  • Why Work for the Rights of Animals?

    Why Work for the Rights of Animals?

    “I think we should do what we can for those who need our help most and where we can make the biggest difference, where we can most effectively change something.”

    – Peter Singer

  • What’s Behind Opposition to Animal Rights?

    What’s Behind Opposition to Animal Rights?

    “It’s one thing to say I like animals, or animals should have rights or shouldn’t have rights. But the fact is if they do have rights, that means you are going to have to act differently toward them…the way people had to act differently towards humans who were slaves once they became free.”

    Steve Wise

  • Ideas That Undermine Animal Activism

    Ideas That Undermine Animal Activism

    “What you don’t see them asking for is a fundamental change in people’s thinking…That other conscious beings are not a means to our end. You don’t see that question asked.”

    Lee Hall

  • Preparing for Animal Rights

    Preparing for Animal Rights

    “What I can do is show that within the normal range of legal discourse, the arguments for the basic legal rights of nonhuman animals exists.”

    – Steve Wise